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Documenting Emotion

April 09, 2018  •  4 Comments

Growing up around horses, I would regularly visit horse auctions with my mum, learning how to pick out the right horses, how to read between the lines, spotting those tell tale signs of a dodgy dealer, soaking up the strange atmosphere of smells, sounds and emotions. It used to be my favourite thing in the world, casting my gaze over the wide variety of horses that ended up treading the walkways of metal pens, breathing in that sweet mix of horse and shavings, the echoing of the auctioneers voice, occasionally interrupted by a horse neighing, or eventually ending with the undeniable sound of a that wooden hammer coming down to finalise a sale. But I always felt a small amount of sadness, watching these horses who had been unfortunate enough to end up walking through the judging gaze of potential buyers, the loud hum of voices, fellow horses crying out as they left the pens for the auction ring, the unfamiliar smells; some horses showed distress, some had a dead yet knowing look in their eyes, while others continued to walk with in their handler, trusting them with every step. 
Towards the end of March I decided to take a trip to the Brightwells auction in Hereford for one of my "creative days" with the idea of just playing with different shots. Upon arriving at the auction pens, camera in hand, I was overcome with a heavy emotion, there was a sadness in the air that lingered with me, and I knew in this moment exactly how I would document my trip, telling a story of emotion with my images. 
Deep down I know that auctions hold a place for horses who no longer have a home or a purpose, sometimes it's a last resort for an owner who can no longer look after their horse for various reasons, or for a horse that they have been unable to sell. For others, it's a quick fix to get rid of an unwanted animal, but this day, I felt every emotion and it hurt. Below are a small selection of images, telling a story of the feelings I felt this day, please try and view them with your heart first. 

Please note, this is on no way a dig at Brightwells or any other auctioneer company, this is simply my way of telling the story of my emotions on a particular day.

Stay creative,

Emma :)


So sad but a harsh reality. Fantastic pictures though.
Martha x(non-registered)
Beautiful so sad
Angela plant(non-registered)
Emma that’s very emotional and beautiful and moving , very well done , thank you for sharing x
Bonnie Fishburn
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