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July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In May of this year, I decided that I wanted to photograph the semi-wild ponies that inhabit the Long Mynd, Shropshire. Although I love the detailing in clean tack and glistening coats, my creativity craved something a little more rough and ready, with filthy textures of untamed manes, and winter coats which were just hanging on as the summer coat was forcing it's way through. 
I drove up to Jinlye, where I had frequently seen several small bands of ponies enjoying their feral lifestyle, grazing peacefully upon this natural landscape, and on this particular day I was in luck as there were at least 3 herds in the area, made even more exciting by the presence of several young foals on the ground. I wandered my way down the hill, camera at my hip, a backpack over my shoulders, and made my way quietly towards the first herd. 
They didn't seem to bothered by my presence, but a mare with a very young foal at foot kept her distance from me, understandably so as her foal only appeared to be a few days old. 
I set my camera to a quiet shutter and began shooting. Throughout the day, I spent about an hour with each herd, simply sitting still, observing, shooting, and enjoying the time around them. My main focus was to capture textures and herd life. 
I has taken me a while to find the time to process these images due to being so busy over the summer months with competition coverage, but now I am excited to finally share this work with you all. 

I hope you've enjoyed these images, and I plan on producing more like this in future. If anyone has any location recommendations I'd love to hear them in the comments below! For more of my creative work, please have a look at my instagram where I post up to 3 times a week:

Stay Creative!

Emma :)

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print of any of the images featured in this blog entry, please contact me. 


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