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June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I have been experimenting with landscape photography, I feel that it could help to improve my equine work, helping me to consider the composition of the background while shooting horses, as well as keep my creativity fresh. Earlier this month me and my partner took a week away in Scotland with no real plan other than to head up the West coast and see what happened. I took this fantastic opportunity to practice my landscape photography in some of the most stunning landscapes the country has to offer. But, I decided to make the project a little more interesting, we had driven up there in my R reg Peugeot 106, with over 100,00 miles on the clock, so I decided that this little car should be the subject in all of my images, documenting our adventure further and further North. 
Without any further delay, I introduce to you, Roger, the little blue Peugeot:

These two photos were taken when we decided to take a detour on the road to Loch Tulla, we liked the look of the road, and since there were no time constraints, decided to stop at points to enjoy the scenery. The second photo was achieved using the black and white conversion in Adobe Lightroom, manipulating the colour saturations to give a really heavy background, while making Roger pop out.


 This shot was tricky to get, I was trying to capture the scale of the mountains, but on the other side of Roger was some fencing and a gate with traffic cones, it would not have made for a nice photo, so I had to get a little creative with my angles, which really helped to create some lovely leading lines.


This photos was taken upon entering the Scottish Highlands. I had never experienced such a vast and rural landscape, it really did take my breath away. The main through route contained many long straights, and lucky for me, there was a pull in to capture what I felt should be called "The road into the Unknown". The heavy clouds topping the surrounding mountains gave an incredibly looming feel, it was wonderful to feel so exposed to the natural and rugged landscape. 

The road to Loch Etive and the Etive forest. This road may be familiar to some of you, the James Bond film, Skyfall, was filmed along sections of this route. The road was narrow and winding, with a beautiful river running alongside. Our speed stayed very steady, as we maneuvered the twisting road and admired yet more dramatic scenery.


Togs on tour! I had to capture the company sticker in the back window of Roger, with camping gear galore pushed up against it, the fabulous landscape drawing the eye deeper into the image.

I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different blog entry this month, hopefully I'll be able to offer up more landscape photography in future as it's something I'm definitely enjoying playing with. For those interested, all photos were taken with a Nikon D4s, and a cropped frame 18-55mm Nikon lens. 

Stay creative!

Emma :)


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