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November 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

The past few months have been full of rigorous routine, keeping horses fit has been at the center of it, and with the days becoming shorter and shorter, my mojo has been at an all time low. I feel like I'm stuck in the mud with creativity, struggling to see new shots, going through the motions when covering events, it's all felt too stationary for my liking. I struggled to even get into my groove on a day's hunting, finding myself focusing more on getting in the right place at the right time, than putting my energy into creating art. It didn't feel like me. 
During a sudden buzz of energy on the way back from a day's dressage coverage, an idea awoke within me, a lightbulb moment to help me out of this rut. What if I shot completely out of my comfort zone? What if I stepped back from my usual themes and changed my subjects about a little? So I set about creating a December photo challenge for myself. I scoured google images and saved lots of different photo challenges, and began to write out my own plan, taking whichever prompt caught my eye for each day, I would be forced to shoot every day, with a vague prompt that pushed me to think more creatively, no more going through the motions shooting the exact same stuff over and over. I'm hoping this will inject a little bit of life back into my work and get me back on track. 
I will be sharing the image I choose each day, sharing it both on my Facebook and my Instagram, a way of both keeping me accountable and sharing with you all what I'm up to. It would be wonderful to have a few of you join in too (If the mood takes you!) and I'd love to share them to my Instagram story, to give everyone else a little joy and inspiration at this time of year. Who knows, it could even help someone else out of a rut! If you'd like to join in and share you images with me, please tag me in your photos on Instagram, and use the hashtag #skylimitdecemberchallenge it would be wonderful to get a few people in on this - Even if you decide to join in later along the month!

Here you can see the theme for each day, feel free to save this as a reference or as a challenge for yourself at another point in time.

Stay creative!

Emma :)


Rebekah Adshead
I used to love these challenges on Deviantart! I don't think I ever completed one but I love seeing what other people come up with for each subject!
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