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Cattle and Canines

November 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

During September and October, I had the chance to enjoy two very different private shoots that were a little step away from my usual competition and equine photography. One, a photoshoot with some gorgeous Holkin Shorthorn cattle, and the second shooting dogs doing what they do best; playing! 
Each month brings me something different, and I'm always willing to give it a go, testing my skills and adding my own personal touch into the images, these varied shoots really keep me on my toes and keep my creativity fresh. 

It took a few minutes for the cattle to really get used to me and my strange, black clicking box, but after a while, I was surrounded. It gave me the chance to work with close ups, testing the narrower aperture of my new portrait lens (85mm prime), and use my smaller 18-55mm to create a little more distortion, allowing me to play further with the angles. 

The next shoot proved to be a little more challenging as I'm used to a much larger subject which makes for a much bigger area to focus on at speed. However with some tracking tweaks and a little bit of warming up, we were away. My subjects were more than willing to run back and forth repeatedly after various balls, zooming to and fro. It made for a really fun shoot, and being an out and out animal lover I felt right at home surrounded by speeding four legged friends.


I'm always willing to give anything a go, it's the only way to grow as a photographer. If you've got something you'd like me to shoot, just drop me an email, I'd love to see what my next challenge will be!

Stay creative,

Emma :)


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