SkyLimit Photography | About

Welcome to SkyLimit Photography, my name is Emma Wilding and I'm the founder, owner, and sole photographer here at SkyLimit Photography. I live near Shrewsbury, surrounded by my two horses and several cats, being so close to animals really helps to keep me grounded. I like to spend my spare time hacking out, spending time with my horses, going to the gym (I particularly enjoy powerlifting!), reading to develop my knowledge on various subjects, and planning adventures where I can  take my camera with me!


My aim with this business is to give my clients an elegant view into the world or equestrianism. I want to produce beautiful images, capturing you and your horse in your most elegant light, be it show jumping, doing dressage, at a polo match, or during a photoshoot.
I also have developed a deep love of landscape and travel photography, something which I find myself delving further into as time passes, I find inspiration in dramatic and untamed landscapes and plan to travel more for my work over time, hopefully I can combine my passion for horses and wild landscapes to produce even more unique images! Photography is a real passion of mine, and I strive to keep learning, changing and improving my techniques to produce truly astounding images to capture minds and hearts.

I'm a driven and ambitious person with a vision, in future I would like to take my work globally to capture horses from all walks of life, putting my own spin on this form of documentation.